Indonesian artist-illustrator-web developer-pianist Icha Dechapoe translates her vision, artistic side, creativity and years of experience into unique concepts in which she blurs the lines between art,  design and technology, also combines the character’s philosophy with language  to shot the market audience. Her mission is making a creative playground rather than a production factory. Not only a picture, but the one which tickles the brain, pleases the eyes and connects the hearts of brand to the hearts of consumers. The one with dramatic storytelling. Find another work of Icha Dechapoe here.





UI & UX Design95%

Adobe Photoshop90%


Under the name “Toejoeh” (eng : Seven), Suke has been worked for 5 years as a logo and brand identity designer. He also a writer of various design tutorial and creative business book.  Based on his years of experience in creative design, he believes that a company without a philosophy is like a ship without a compass, that’s why he always produces great brand identity based on their philosophy, history, vision and mission which combined with positive energy and beautiful elements. The focus is giving the life of a brand. Find another work of Suke Toejoeh here.

Adobe Illustrator80%

Adobe Photoshop72%

Logo Design90%

Brand Design84%

Corel Draw75%

Identity Analysis87%



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