CLIENT : Fun Store, Denmark    |   WEB DESIGNER : Icha Dechapoe 
PROJECT : Landing Page Design for Fun Store Costume Rental Website

Treasure. Adventure. Wonderland.  Tough that a costume rental website should be more fun and wonderland look alike, we take the opportunities to concept a web with fairytale-mood to experience user with the transformative potential costume and dramatic storytelling.  So when Mr. Jacob Kenne as a director asked us to design the landing page for Fun Store, we knew we needed to dig up a different visual concept that would help us hit all of these marks.


To evoke the right mood in the site experience, we created manipulation images and collaged objects to this site, create a fairytale and surrealistically inspired header. Fun Store’s mission is to put out quality dreamy and unique costume using the best material and new modification fashion mode. Our mission was to build them a beautiful e-commerce experience that could elevate their brand to the next level.


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