wbjckr_meta CLIENT : Maritjee, Indonesia   |   PROJECT : Website Design & Development For Maritjee


This was a fun project; creating a site focusing on Maritjee’s fashionably sack products, for recycled sack material and her beautiful painting on sack. So one of our first thoughts was “how can we make a colorful website yet professional?” Our brainstorming centered around this idea – what would a site like this look like ? and What story could we tell?


We referenced the 10 key pieces of Maritjee’s painting to build up our site’s color palette. Tonally these all evoke Maritjee’s own color choices and compliment the original work. A big part of this site design revolved around our sack background and desk object choices, so the customer of Martijee’s product can feel what Maritjee feel about recycled material that can be usable thing in our life.




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